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From January to March

Ski touring

collaboration with a mountain guide


Customise your ski tour expedition. You can choose either an itinerary discovering  everyday a different valley and riding through different regions from Khevi to Svaneti and Racha or settle down in Svaneti or Khevi and explore the region.

Svaneti is a historic province of Georgia, in the northwestern part of the country. It is inhabited by the Svans, an ethnic subgroup of Georgians. Situated on the southern slopes of the central Caucasus Mountains, the region is surrounded by 3,000–5,000 meter peaks. The region is notable for its glaciers and picturesque summits. Svaneti’s signature peak is probably Mount Ushba which towers over the Inguri Gorge and can be seen from many parts of the region. The quantity of snow is important in that region which offers a high number of wild, untouched slopes in magical landscapes. The famous Svanetian tower houses erected mainly in the 9th-12th centuries are still maintained. In the province are dozens of Georgian orthodox churches and various fortified buildings. Their language belongs to the Georgian branch of the Caucasian languages but is very different so that a Kakh (person from Kakheti region) can not understand the Megrelian or Svan language.

Khevi is located on the military road and close to famous Mount Kazabeg. The region offers incredible day ski tour from Lomisa to Deda Ena, Truso Gorge and Sioni valley without forgetting the first part of the Kazbeg slopes.

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Ski Tour expedition (from Tbilisi to Tbilisi)

Place :

Great Caucasus Mountains, Georgia, Khevi, Racha, Svaneti

Duration : For 7 days ski tour, count a minimum of 12 days. To visit a bit more Georgia, count 2/3 additionally days.

Glimpse on the ski tour This ski tour expedition leads us, according to the weather and snow conditions, to different places in Svaneti. We explore the secluded valleys and villages like Ushguli, Adishi or Tetnuldi. Ushguli is located at 2000m and it is the highest inhabited village in Winter. We overnight by the locals, the Svans who live up there all year round, farming. We ride or on the Ushba glacier, Adishi valley, around Ushguli which offers a lot of possibilities. We are very flexible and will go where the best conditions are.



Skiing competencies:



Min : 4

Max : 7

Ski tour expedition in the Great Caucasus Mountains. The remoteness of the regions requires some very good physical and psychological conditions. The urgency services exist but are not working as in Europe. Note that you are skiing in some very secluded places. Local and fresh food & cuisine. Accommodation could be some guesthouses, nice hotel and spa, hotel 3/4* located in the very center of Tbilisi. If you are a high mountain guide we will build together your itinerary according to your clients competencies and wishes. If you want to book as an individual you can join a group as long as you are matching the competencies.

Entry Formalities: No visa requested for European country citizens. Passport with a validity over 6 months when leaving the country is normally enough. For more and accurate information, check at the Georgian embassy in your country of residence.

Main City : Tbilisi Language : Georgian, caucasian language, kartvelian group.

Money : Lari GEL. 1 euro=2,9 GEL

More info : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Géorgie_(pays)

ATTENTION : all products derived from Codeine molecules are strictly forbidden in Georgia. Please consult http://www.rs.ge/en/5982 as well as http://www.incb.org/ documents/Psychotropics/guidelines/travel-regulations/2013-travellers-update/ GEO_26_August_2014_Original_travellers_II_-_LTR_-_table.pdf MY TIPS : Do not even try to bring such drugs into Georgia. (codein/ tremadol)

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