The traveler

The traveler goes the free and curious spirit, privileges the discovery to the rhythm of the man, adapts himself to the other, impregnates himself of his entourage, communicates. He moves forward without preconceived ideas or psychological barriers and, with all his senses in a state of flux, becomes immersed in the environment in which he evolves. He observes, listens and is interested. He is sometimes roaming but not only. It can become anchored, settle down for some time, integrate into a tribe, be absorbed by a place it does not get rid of.

The peregrination of the traveler is without temporal boundary, with a geographical goal so changeable that it is rarely reached. It requires a real letting go and flexibility to seize every moment, enjoy, live and also overcome the present with carelessness and an ounce of fatalism.

To abandon oneself in full consciousness in the journey and to live it fully can not be done without this faculty of being able to extricate itself from its schemas of life, shackles, habits and landmarks. Revisiting how it works and how it relates to our educational and cultural environment helps to better appreciate and understand that of others. This is precisely where this quest for the unknown and personal enrichment makes perfect sense.

Obviously, we do not all have the possibility, the strength or the desire to afford this luxury of carelessness and absolute freedom, to engage in a life exposed to precariousness, nomadism or temporary sedentary lifestyle.

Also these trips aim to retranscribe in a limited time space this intoxicating feeling of long-distance travel, neither planned nor punctuated by imposed stops. Our road, roughly imagined at first, is modeled by encounters, hazards or any other event even insignificant in appearance. The journey takes shape to the extent of the wear of our soles.

Caucasus Expedition

Caucasus expedition is not a large travel agency but simply a structure on a human scale that will do its best to share with you a moment of relaxation and change of scenery. We live among the Touchs, the last semi-nomadic ethnic group of Georgia in the Greater Caucasus. Our base camp: Touchétie. It is undoubtedly one of the last Georgian mountain regions where you will still feel the breath of Chamyl, will be captivated by its mysteries and impressed by the conditions

of native life. You will be amazed by the simplicity and beauty of this life in symbiosis with the natural elements that surround it.

Whether you choose an equestrian expedition, a pedestrian escape, a unique trip or a Caucasian handset to discover tribes, our wish is to make you travel beyond the landscapes, to soak up the Caucasian atmosphere, to let yourself be carried away by these beautiful wild landscapes. In total immersion, you will meet the natives, participate in their daily life, their traditions, stay in typical houses … as and with them. You share rare and authentic moments because the journey, much more than a sumptuous panorama, is also realized through the local population.

Audrey recognized each of the routes, met and woven links with the locals. We are talking about year (s) to develop an itinerary: whether they are Georgians, Touchs, Svans, Azerbaijanis of Lezguian origin, Tat, Talysh or Qetish, Abkhaz or Armenians, Adygeans or Ossetian, all the speakers are people from trust with whom Audrey has close relationships. They became friends or close partners. They are shepherds, peasants, bulb repairers, farmers or village hairdressers.

Audrey builds, organizes and guides all her travels.

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