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Despite their historical links, their strong interactions and their apparent similarities, the Caucasian regions have many divergences and disparities. Discover two Caucasian worlds, their cultural heritage, their religion, their paradoxes, their alliances and conflicts by surveying places not to be missed but also those that Audrey found. You will understand the similarities and divergences of the Caucasian world and will appreciate this immense ethnographic and linguistic wealth. Add a sporty touch to a hike in nature and enjoy the multitude of ecosystems still very preserved.


A panel of ecosystem, from the Great Caucasus area with a sub alpine / alpine ecosystem to the desert of South of Georgia, the Gobustan in Azerbaijan and Goris area in Armenia, there is also a sub tropical humid climate at the Black sea coastline in Georgia and Caspian sea in the South of Azerbaijan around Lankaran. While the continental climate cover the center of Georgia and a part of Armenia territory, the center of Azerbaijan tend to be very dry.

The diversity of the fauna and flora is very rich and so the landscapes are.

to incredible rock formations, a relentless work of erosion, beautiful labyrinth of multicoloured canyons, natural reserves and national parcs. We ride & discover the Georgian semi-desert, monasteries and troglodyte cities dating back from the 6th century for the oldest


All kind of religions can be found on these territories. Georgia is the one which homes the biggest numbers of religions. Small communities are Jews, Muslims (chiite and sunni), Catholics and the majority of Georgian people are members of the Orthodoxe Church of Georgia. The azerbaijanis are muslim at 97% with a Shia branch at 60% and the rest are sunnis. Armenian are belonging to the Armenian Apostolic church, the catolicos of Ejmiadzin.



armenie armenia
arménie armenia
arménie armenia voyage combiné caucase
Géorgie Georgia Kazbegi horseback rando hikes combiné voyage Touchétie Tusheti
Azerbaidjan Azerbaijan travel trip voyage
Géorgie georgia horseback trip voyage combiné
Géorgie Georgia Kazbegi horseback rando hikes combiné voyage
Géorgie Georgia Kazbegi horseback rando hikes combiné voyage
arménie armenia voyage combiné caucase
arménie armenia voyage combiné caucase

Itinerary: Multitude of possibility, tailor-made for groups from 6 people

Duration: from one week

Location: Georgia Period: All year


Entry Formalities:

No visa requested for European country citizens. Passport with a validity over 6 months when leaving the country is normally enough. For more and accurate information, check at the Georgian embassy in your country of residence.

Main City : Tbilisi

Language : Georgian, caucasian language, kartvelian group.

Money : Lari GEL. 1 euro=2,9 GEL

More info :

ATTENTION : all products derived from Codeine molecules are strictly forbidden in Georgia. Please consult as well as documents/Psychotropics/guidelines/travel-regulations/2013-travellers-update/ GEO_26_August_2014_Original_travellers_II_-_LTR_-_table.pdf MY TIPS : Do not even try to bring such drugs into Georgia. (codein/ tremadol)


Entry Formalities:

Main City : Erevan

Language : Armenian, indo european language group

Money : AMD (dram armenian)

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