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Audrey is French and originally from the South Alp. Having a wanderlust
she has explored some of the more isolated regions of our planet crossing
on foot or horseback the mountains chain of Papua, Pamir Kyrgyz,
the Carpates, a part of the Andes, the Caucasus. She also trekked
through Mongolia, Patagonia and a few islands lost in the archipelago of
Maluku and Celebes, Philippines, Lofoten or Australes Islands; she is
equally at home in the Jordanian desert, by the Euphrates in Syria, in
the fjords of New Zealand. She spent several weeks canoeing on the
Amazonian rivers in French Guyana or Surinam. In between trips she
worked 3 years in South America as a space engineer and then in Germany.
Since then, passionate about ethnic Caucasians and the history of
the Tush people, the last semi-nomads of Georgia, she decided to move
to Tusheti, in the Caucasus, where she and Gia founded ‘Caucasus Trekking
Company’. After a break she started again her activities from spring
2017 with some pioneering expeditions and self sufficient treks extended
to the whole Southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains. She recognized
each itinerary she offers from Azerbaijan to Abkhazia. She guides you
through amazing, remote and very secluded places, plenty of beauties
with historical and ethnical interests.
She also starts a trainee to become an equestrian shiatsu practitioner.
She is also getting the degrees of the horsemanship diploma (La Cense


Gia is a member of a very ancient Tush family. He spent his youth in the High Caucasus and studied in Tbilisi. After the Soviets left Georgia went through a sombre period; it was during this time that Gia worked with his father as a shepherd and horse breeder. Gia knows every corner of the Tusheti, the history and the mysterious legends. He is a horseman and a mountaineer as well as a tested alpinist. Gia is very interested in the ancestral rites and traditions which are, mainly, rooted in paganism. They still own the horses together with Audrey but he decided to go abroad for new adventure.

Vardeni, Spiridon or Koudala

Vardeni is the father of Gia and the dean of the shepherds. He was called Kudala among the shepherds and Spiridon in the plain. He died on 2/12/2016 in Laliskhuri, Georgia. I pay tribute here to him, a profoundly good and generous man who has inspired many people. He was born in Tusheti in the village of Gogrulta, lived all his adolescence in this magnificent and rugged area and first discovered the plains as a shepherd at the age of 16 years. At that time, they transhumed to Dagestan for the winter. He knew the last Kadag Touch (preacher) and during the transhumance was the one who was asked to know the right moment to cross of the pass Abano. Spiridon’s endorsement marked the beginning of these magnificent movements of flocks, regular and fluid. The languorous progression of sheeps, goats and horses that rise them towards the heavens … just like the departure of spriridon’s beautiful soul ….


Gabro is a 26 years old Tush man coming from the village of Bekhela. He was born on a horse. He is working with us since a long time, almost since the beginning of our story. He is taking care of the horses which he profoundly loves and a part of the logistic. He is a very good mountaineer and pays attention to your security during the trek.


Xebe is a young father passionated by horses. He was dropping out school and truancy to take part in the famous horse race called Doghi. One of the best of the whole region, he won many times. He owns horses. We drive each year our horses up to Tusheti in May and down in the winter pastures in October. Il possèdent des chevaux. During the winter time he is taking care of all the horses. He is sometimes helping me during the self sufficient expedition. Even if he is speaking only some words in English, it is far of enough to get the funny atmosphere he adds on. He is a very helpful, friendly and communicative man. But careful do not forget : he is a Tush! And they are here all of them:).

They help us…

Ela et Ia welcome you in Laliskuri. Amazing cookers, they will let you discover not only the Tush specialities but also a very tasty Georgian familial cuisine elaborated with their own products of the garden.

Zuro is a very well known mountains trucks driver during the Soviet time. He is driving you on the incredible pathway leading to Tusheti.

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