• A CHEVAL RANDO LIBRE: Ophelie puts all her energy in France so that outdoor riding is finally recognized. Equestrian approach and riding centered, what the long-distance riders share … The relationship with the equine plays the main role. Close to Lyon in the Monts d’Or.
  • THE VALLEY OF THE CERFS : Annemee has been living with her family for more than 20 years in Poitou Charentes. A place off the tourist trail that offers unspoiled nature. A beautiful equestrian trekking approach.


    • CARAVAN HORSE RIDING : Kristina and Aurel offer amazing rides between see and mountains in Albania. Their tireless middle size horses will amaze you by their energy.  Kristina and Aurel will do their best to make of you discovery trip the best of it.
    • SHEPERDS WAY: Gulmira, Ishen and Rash are the first to offer the beautiful adventurous horseback expedition in Kirghizistan. You will ride in the immensity of the mountains, deep on the nature and close to locals.
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