Our Organization

Unfolding of unpublished and combined journeys

Depending on your choice, trips are made by mini bus, 4 * 4 and train.

Accommodation can be varied and mixed, homestay at the hotel very comfortable.

The interest of lodging at the inhabitant is to share a moment of conviviality with the natives and to discover the local lifestyles.

The keychain and other details will be provided with the program we will have built together.


4 * 4 for the slopes and the mountain part. In plain, a mini bus Mercedes.


80% of our products come from local production and are organic.

We cook every day local specialties (Touches, Svanes, Kabardes, Azerbaijani ..)

For other expeditions: the food is fresh and local every day. Everything is cooked on site.

Conduct of treks and expeditions

In these Caucasian regions, road access is very low, so to speak. Refueling is therefore impossible once left the plain. You will not find any store or any way to spend your money. Therefore, we travel in complete autonomy which implies an important logistics.

  • We have to spread all the stuff on our pack horses, so out of respect for them, do not load useless stuff and limit yourself to the bare necessities for a few days.

  • The camps are surrounded by nature and for the most part near a water point. In some places we will make a fire (but the wood is not always available at altitude). In case of rain, we shelter in a large mass tent provided for this purpose.

  • We hike in very difficult areas where the natives live with their old traditions. The authenticity of this region is rare. To live it, you have to give up some comfort. These treks are engaged in the mountains; an experience of the mountain is advised (delicate passages)

  • The luggage:
    • Touchétie (Georgia): In Laliskhuri (last stage before Touchétie), 2 waterproof bags per person will be given to you and in which your business will have to hold. Filling about 1m high and 50 cm in diameter. The rest of your business is left behind and picked up at the end of the hike. For pedestrians, only one bag fills up to the max.
    • Svanetia (Georgia): You have to pack your belongings in a backpack. They will either be moved by car or on horsepower depending on accessibility.
    • Azerbaijan: Pack your stuff in backpacks. Logistics horses and trucks.
    • Russia: Pack your stuff in backpacks. Logistics horses and 4 * 4.



Laliskhuri (Touchétie):

Typical Georgian house (country house style) in a village at the foot of the Caucasus. Welcomed by a family touch, you are accommodated by room of 3 to 4 people on the first floor with chickens in the garden behind … and roosters … (but we notice more around 4:00 am !!). You live with the family and eat the products of their garden.

Hot showers. Georgian toilets at the bottom of the garden (Turkish toilets).

Gogrulta (Touchétie)

Old traditional house touches (lodging of mountain). The water point is in the center of the village. No electricity.


On the way (Touchétie, Kabardino Balkaria, Azerbaijan):

VAUDE tent, 2 people.

Double entry.

Great mass tent for evenings.

Mestia and Ushguli and other villages Svanes (Svanetia), Balkar villages (Russia), Lezguian villages and Tat and Talysh (Azerbaijan).

Homestay: You will be staying with aboriginal families in their home, usually typical regional. You share a moment of life with them in simple and warm homes.

We are not in Europe, so do not look for landmarks. Adapt and you will fully live this stay. You enjoy a family kitchen with products from the local production (see private).

Do not expect a 5 * hotel but rather a wonderful experience to live, a cultural discovery. Honor your hosts who will do their utmost to satisfy you.

Several rooms (from 2 to 4 beds).

European standard for sanitary facilities that are common to rooms.

Tbilisi, Vladikavkaz, Baku, Yerevan

Hotel confortable 3 to 4*.

On the way (except winter in Svaneti):

Double tent, camp (Azerbaijan), typical mountain house.

The countries

Click on the images to learn more.


Visa :
No visas required for European nationals. For other nationalities, contact the Georgian Embassy in your country of origin.

Change : The lari (GEL)

Drug : Tramadol, codeine and sleeping pills are strictly prohibited in Georgia under penalty of imprisonment. Please consult carefully the following site:


The visa is obtained online between 3 and 5 working days. Obtaining very simple. Take a margin anyway.
Here is the link : https://www.azerbaijanonlinevisa.com/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc

Currency: The Manat


Visa :
We provide you the invitation. Speak to the Russian Embassy. Plan at least two months in advance to submit your application.

Currency: The ruble


Visa :
No visa required for European nationals. For other nationalities, inquire at the Embassy of Armenia in your country of origin.

Currency: The Dram


Visa :
indications during registration

Currency: The ruble



Needless to say, they are our friends.
They accompany us and carry all our belongings. They are part of the charm of this hike.

In Touchétie:

Local breed, Touchine.
Medium-sized, sturdy horses with an extremely safe, patient, gentle and kind foot. Their particularity is their incredible balance.
Audrey has broken and trained all her horses.

En Azerbaidjan

Local breed, small mountain horses calm and enduring.

In Kabardino Balkaria:

Kabardes horses: For some centuries, these horses have been selected and trained for military purposes. The Circassians owe them in part their resistance against the Russians during the conquest of the Caucasus (1764-1864). Thanks to their incredible stamina, resistance and dexterity, these horses, which are much larger than the rest of the Caucasian equidae in mountainous areas, travel relentlessly 80 km per day in mountainous areas. They are agile and fast. Today, many people hold the title of world champion in endurance races (120km in particular).

Equestrian level

Touchétie and Svanetie: A beginner level is accepted if you have no apprehension of horses and practice the sport regularly. Other expeditions: A medium to advanced level (kabardino balkarie) is required.


For treks (in blue: equestrian expedition), (in red: pedestrian expedition)

The head

  • Hat , caps
  • Sunglasses.
  • A bomb (highly recommended)

The bust

  • T-shirts or t-shirts, including one with long sleeves (sun protection).
  • 2 warm polar or equivalent.
  • A windproof and waterproof jacket and a warm warm jacket.


  • A pair of warm gloves.


  • 2 jeans or riding breeches according to personal convenience.
  • 2 Walking pants.
  • 1 waterproof pants (fisherman or Kway type). 1 pants for the evenings.

The gear

  • Pocket knife, water bottle, flashlight or frontal.
  • Purification tablet or filter, personal medication, high protection sunscreen.
  • For hiking only: small backpack for the day.
  • Floor mattress (thermarest type) and sleeping bag (more precision depending on the season).


  • Trek shoe even for riders.
  • Teva sandal for crossing torrent.

And a good sausage or cheese accompanied by a good bottle of French manufacture … I spare you the cheeses … flowing in the plane it’s messy!

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