17 June 2021 – 28 June 2021 all-day

There are 50 villages in the Tusheti region, all built in dry stones and plates. 

Caucasus Expeditions offers a brand new trip in Tusheti through the villages in which we overnight. 

The guesthouses have been sorted out not only for their amazing location but also for the former Tush architecture style. This is the most comfortable ride of Caucasus Expeditions which allows you at the same time to discover a part of this very remote and secluded area. You also discover the Tush history, their ancient traditions (today still alive), sacred places, rituals and gastronomy.

As we do not need packhorses, we will be able to have some occasional trot and canter. To reach some secluded villages, we ride over some passes at 3000m, cross rivers and valleys, go on ridges at more than 3200m and have a picnic on high plateau offering amazing panoramas.

ONLY one date! max 8 riders. 

Please note this route remains Mountain trail and is located in a very seclude area. Therefore don’t think that this is a trail for endless gallop on the deserted beach. It is definitely not. The amazing horses are born in mountains and they are going everywhere like goats but at their own pace. And at last but not least, even if the camps have been replaced by overnights in guesthouse or traditional house, the comfort remains basic (sometimes bathroom and toilet are shared between all rooms, sometimes there will be no bathroom and very basic toilet to be shared in the village). 


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