8 May 2021 – 21 May 2021 all-day
TRANSCAUCASIAN TRIP (2) : From Tbilisi to Erevan

Despite the vague and complex geopolitical situation of the area as well as their significant discrepancies in their history, alliances, climate, languages and resources, these 2 countries reveal their extraordinary life force, generosity, fiery character, strong traditions and extraordinary wild landscapes. 

We start in Tbilisi, in the bustling and colourful main city of Georgia. We explore the history through the different architecture from the new moorish style to art deco and local wooden balcony, cobbled streets. We discover sites of interest like Narikala fortress and thermal district, the origin of the capital without forgetting the soviet district. We enjoy the traditional food and wine tasting. The next days we drive in some different places discovering the Great Caucasus Mountains and Kazbek mount, the well known military highway going through the mountain, the smaller Caucasus area, the famous royal thermal city Borjomi, the semi desert and the cave dweller cities. We drive through different beautiful ecosystem, overnight by warm families, handsome guesthouses or nice hotels. We taste all kind of regional food cooked by the family who hosts us and in famous restaurant.  In Armenia we follow the North-South axis, discover the huge religious heritage, impressive monasteries built surrounded by amazing landscapes, cave dweller from the 5th century, Sevan lake, caravanserais and many others hidden places. This trip is before all a way of meeting local people to allow you to be immersed in the atmosphere of the country.

A beautiful mix between the must see places and off beaten tracks and secret places. 


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