22 October 2021 – 31 October 2021 all-day
TRANSCAUCASIAN TRIP (1): From Baku to Tbilisi

Despite the vague and complex geopolitical situation of the area as well as their significant discrepancies in their history, alliances, climate, languages and resources, these 2 countries reveal their extraordinary life force, generosity, fiery character, strong traditions and extraordinary wild landscapes. 

We start in Baku, exploring the past and the present from the old city to the flame tower, the artistic world with some different painters or musicians giving us another look at the country… ; we discover some places of the main economic sources : from the caravanserais in Sheki to the first brownfield built in the 19th century in Baku, the diversity of Azerbaijan landscapes sa well as the mountainous ethnic minority villages, meeting some locals and sharing a meal in their family. In Georgia, we get introduced to the history, cultural heritage and gastronomy from the natural wine (Georgian old vinification processes) to the tasty village cuisine, we meet and spend time with a highlander ethnic group and end up in Tbilisi, the beautiful and charming main city of Georgia. 

A beautiful mix between the must see places and off beaten tracks and secret places. 


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