17 August 2021 – 30 August 2021 all-day

In the Caucasus area, Azerbaijan is nowadays the wildest country for nature activities. Focused on the oil business the decision makers were not thinking about developing sport / outdoors tourism.
The core of our itinerary is the self sufficient horseback trek in the very wilderness of the Great Caucasus Mountains. During our route we ride over passes, on crest or high plateau, between mountains lakes, through untouched forest and wild rivers. We are accompanied by the local Lezgian, originated from the North Caucasus Mountain and who settled centuries ago in Azerbaijan Mountains mostly in the region of the Ismaili National park..

Our target changes every year, it makes first of all the trip unique but not only: we may not reach the target, change the itinerary, have bad surprise but also the best ones. We choose our route day by day in accordance with the weather, pathway and snow conditions. We have no comfort at all (no big tent, only double one in which we are sleeping), the meals on the way are simple and equestrian material is local. Therefore this trip is not for everybody and if you hesitate or have never experienced this kind of trip before, you should (have to) come first in Tusheti. You will already enjoy an incredible self sufficient expedition. (look at the riders’ comments on FB: Caucasus Trekking company, avis). This expedition promises therefore to be an adventure but not only on the paper ! (which is the case of most of travel agency). 

So this year our route starts in Lahic settled by the Tat people coming originally from Iran and may end up in Xinaliq inhabited by the Qetish. 

We overnight by the different ethnic group at the beginning and end of the trip. 

Ready for the adventure? 


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