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From the Caucasian summit shine the black sea and the glaciers of Cherkessia. The coastline and piedmont plain represent only one quarter of the whole Abkhazias surface area where 99,9 % of the population is settled down. The sweetness of the sub tropical weather in Soukhoumi, the trees which bowed down by the weight of the fruits and the architecture treasures are an invitation to chill out. The mountains offer extraordinary and wild expeditions.

Itinerary : Psou expedition Duration: About 16 days

Place : Great Caucasus Mountain, Abkhazia

Trip introduction : Abkhazia’s landscape ranges from coastal forests and citrus plantations to permanent snows and glaciers in the north of the region. 75% of its territory is mountainous and a few kilometres from the coast, the pathways crisscross the sharp peaks of the Great Caucasus on the flanks of the deepest canyons in the world. They go through numerous beech and birch forests of a surprising beauty and lead to the lake Ritsa. This tiny territory offers some outstanding expeditions which start in Psu village located around 50 km from Ritsa through the mountain following one of the deepest canyon of the world. Due to inaccessibility of the region you ride/hike in the very wilderness through an untouched nature over passes offering incredible panorama on the glaciers, Black sea and the great Caucasus chain, along canyons, known as the ones of deepest of the world, on the high plateau and through some beautiful birch and beech forests. For riders : At least but not last you enjoy the very old equestrian games which take place only twice a year. We visit Sukhumi, the main city as well as well known places and among the others Novvy Afon and Ritsa Lake.

Time : From May to October On request Horses : Local mountain horse, middle size, strong, brave and calm. Easy personality.

Riding competences:

average Hike and Horseback expeditions competences :

Physical and psychological conditions (compulsory) : Those expeditions are strenuous and very secluded. No phone connection. Very limited emergency services. You have to be in a very good physical condition as well as psychological. You have to be trained and used to self sufficient mountain expedition.

Technical details:

• Self sufficient hike or horse expedition.

• Overnight during the expedition: camp. Tent provided.

• Before/after : guesthouse, hotel located in the very center of Sukhumi.

• Group min 6 persons on request only.

As everywhere in the Caucasus Mountain chain, there are middle size, robust, generous, friendly and calm mountain horses. They are living free in the Mountains and are very well balance. They are used as pack horses as well as riding horses.

Formalities : when booking

Languages : Russian, Abkhaz Money : Rouble (Russian)

More infos : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abkhazia DEPA

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